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Wow we are moving fast into the 3rd week of the new year!  Essentialgifting, wants to Thank you for your business, social support and your time taken throughout 2018 to visit the site for gift-giving updates, submitted questions and allowing me to point you in the direction for specific gift solutions.

As we quickly journey right into February, our focus is on pursuing passions and thinking beyond traditions during the Valentines celebration.   I am pleased to have Guest writer, Michelle Blan collaborate and contribute to the Jan/Feb Newsletter.

2019: The Pursuit of Passions

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Your year is what you make it. That is why this year is your year. Instead of worrying about broken resolutions or missed goals of days gone by, embrace a fresh slate. Create a willingness – not a resolution - solely to pursue your passions. This is guaranteed to make your life feel fuller and your year seem more meaningful.

How do you do this?

Focus your attention on the things – and the people – you are passionate about. How you spend your time and energy has a big – and direct – impact on how good you feel. Get creative, show your smile, and spread the love. Make 2019 your best year yet.

Valentine’s Day: Celebrating Beyond Traditions

Take a moment to think about the typical Valentine’s Day. On this occasion, it is safe to say that most dates consist of dinner, along with a heart-shaped box of chocolates, roses, a stuffed animal, and maybe even jewelry.

Boring and predictable.

Thankfully, you can deviate from the norm. With a little creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, you can easily make a typical Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

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V – Visually red. Reds, pinks, and even whites are common colors to reflect the holiday - and they don’t just have to be found in gifts of roses.  

A – Appreciative. Take the time to show someone your appreciation. Whether it is a gift of thanks or taking a simple task off their hands for the day.

L – Love celebrated. Love is one of the greatest feelings in the world, but it is not just for couples. Don’t forget all the people in your life who hold a piece of your heart.

E – Essential tokens of gratitude. Gratitude is key for a life fulfilled. Be sure to let those around you know that you are thankful for their presence in your life by gifting them a small token of gratitude.

N – Neighbors. Having a good relationship with your neighbors is important. A small gift on Valentine’s Day can only nurture this bond.

T – Time gifted to others. Time is perhaps the most precious gift of all. Since it is not renewable you want to use it wisely. Gift your time to others by sharing a cup of coffee or pampering yourselves with at-home spa treatments.

I – Inspired by travel. What is the most magical place you have traveled? Purchase a gift for your Valentine that is inspired by that trip. Share the gift – and the story.

N – Notes to someone unknown. A note from someone unknown can lead to a cheerful, happy heart. Consider surprising someone.

E – Encouragement. Encouraging those around you is a great gift. Find something that can be uplifting and help to achieve goals.

Valentine’s Day is a day of acknowledging those you love and delighting them with tokens of the heart. Putting sincere thought behind a simple gift can have the greatest impact. This year forego the traditional gifts and opt for something that is a bit more personal and meaningful. Design a gift with the recipient in mind and share a joyful heart.


Generosity/Gift it Forward - Jan/Feb 2019

Generosity by Essentialgifting




Teacher's/Mentors; Caregivers; Daycare & Special Providers, Essentialgifting "loves" your passion! 

Download and share the printed youth-adult coloring illustration with your students, daycare, after-school programs and senior activities; we would love to see their creativity.

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