Meaningful Gifts to Remind Your Child of Home After They Move Out

Gifts to remind your child of home.
BLOG.Meaningful Gifts to Remind Your Child of Home After They Move Out

When the moment comes for your child to leave the nest and venture into the world, it's a bittersweet time filled with mixed emotions. While it's exciting to see them take this big step, it's also natural to feel a sense of longing and nostalgia. One way to bridge this gap is through meaningful gifts that remind them of home. Let’s explore various ideas for gifts to remind your child of home after they move out, offering comfort and a sense of closeness, no matter the distance.

A family on a couch celebrating their child moving out with a gift

Personalized Decor Items

One of the most direct ways to bring a piece of home into your child's new space is through personalized decor items. Think of custom wall art, like a canvas print of their favorite family photo or a custom-made illustration of your family home. These pieces add a personal touch to their living space and remind them daily of where they come from. 

Another idea is to gift your kids something that has been a part of your home, like a cherished piece of furniture or a set of family heirloom dishes. These items carry memories and can help your child feel the presence of their family in their new surroundings. 

Pro Tip

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Sentimental Kitchen Essentials

The kitchen is often the heart of a home, where families gather and share meals. Gifting kitchen essentials that remind them of home can be both practical and sentimental. Consider items like a recipe book filled with family recipes or a cookware set from your kitchen. This helps them set up their new place and keeps the family's culinary traditions alive. 

A personalized cutting board engraved with a family quote or their name can also be a thoughtful gift. Every time they prepare a meal, it reminds them of the family dinners and the love that went into each dish back home. 

A woman in the kitchen with eggs, mixing bowls, and a cookbook

A cookbook of your favorite dishes is a practical and sentimental gift

Comfort Items for a Cozy Touch

To add a cozy touch to their new home, consider comfort items reminiscent of their room or the family living space. A custom-made quilt or a throw blanket featuring a family photo collage can be practical and heartwarming. These gifts offer a literal and figurative sense of warmth, reminding them of the cozy moments spent at home.

Another option is a plush pillow or a set of cushions with prints or patterns that were a part of your home decor. These items enhance the aesthetics of their new space and create a sense of continuity and comfort from their childhood home.

Tech Gadgets for Staying Connected

When your child lives apart from you, you want to stay connected. Tech gadgets make excellent gifts to remind your child of home, keeping you just a call or message away. Smart photo frames that can be updated remotely with new family photos are a fantastic way to keep them in the loop of family life. They can wake up to new photos from home, keeping them connected to the family's daily happenings.

A high-quality webcam or a set of noise-canceling headphones can also be great gifts, enhancing the quality of your virtual catch-ups. These gadgets ensure that every call feels as if you're just in the next room, reducing the feeling of distance. 

Nostalgic Scents and Sounds

The sense of smell is closely linked to memory, making scented gifts an excellent way to evoke memories of home. Candles or diffusers with scents reminiscent of your home, like the aroma of your kitchen or the fragrance of your garden, can transport them back to those familiar surroundings.

Similarly, consider gifts that capture the sounds of home. A playlist of songs you often play at home or music from a famous local band can be a great way to maintain that connection. These sounds can help create an auditory link to home, filling their space with familiar and soothing sounds.

A scented candle next to a white blanket, cinnamon sticks, and chestnuts

Scents and sounds can be great reminders of home

Books and Literature

If your child is a book lover, books are among the best gifts to remind your child of home. Choose titles you read together when they were younger or books significant to your family. You could also consider a subscription to a book club that focuses on their favorite genre, keeping their love for reading alive.

Books on local history or about your hometown can also be great gifts, allowing them to carry a piece of their roots wherever they go. These books can be a comforting presence on their nightstand or bookshelf, a reminder of the stories and history that have shaped them.

DIY and Craft Kits

DIY and craft kits can be wonderful gifts for a child who enjoys creating. Choose kits related to hobbies they enjoyed at home, such as knitting, painting, or model building. These activities offer a relaxing pastime and connect them to their interests at home.

You can also create a custom DIY project, such as a family scrapbook or a home improvement project, that you can work on remotely together. This maintains a shared activity that you can bond over despite the distance.

Prepare the Best Gifts to Remind Your Child of Home

Choosing gifts to remind your child of home after moving out is about personalization and thoughtfulness. Each gift should reflect your understanding of what home means to them and how you can bring that essence into their new life. Gifting meaningful, comforting items reminiscent of family life helps maintain that invisible thread that connects them to their roots, no matter where life takes them.

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