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Gift Guide: "Gifts Inspired by Special Moments"


Adjusting to the unknowns that have suddenly surrounded our day to day lives; thoughts of your well-being and wishing you sunshine within the forth-coming months.  Thinking about special moments that occur with family, friends, co-workers and people who cross your path, Essentialgifting can help you with fun solutions!

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Guest Blogger:  Michelle Blan

Essentialgifting Giftspiration Gift Inspired by Special Moments
Life has all sorts of distractions and frustrations, doesn’t it? Full agendas and hectic schedules, always rushing from one place to the next. Work meetings, heavy workloads, and extra hours at the office. Kids bickering, in need of homework help, and late to soccer practice. Rushed evenings trying to make dinner, clean up, do laundry, and get organized to face the same challenges again tomorrow. Phew. When does it slow down? And, why do we keep putting ourselves through this stressful hustle and bustle every single day?  Well, it’s simple: We do it for the special moments. 

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There are moments in life that make all the struggle and defeat worth it. Can you think of any of these moments in your life? You know, those special moments that take your breath away and make your heart swell. And, those special moments that help you realize you are just a small brush stroke on a beautiful masterpiece – that the world is so much greater than your daily frustrations. Those are the special moments that make life worth living despite everything else. One small moment in the middle of chaos can be powerful enough to change a life. Pay attention to these moments – and acknowledge them. Doing so will allow you to hold on to that sweet joy for just a little bit longer.


As you walk through life and come face to face with some of these magnificent moments, why not make them unforgettable with a gift? There is no rule that says gifts should only come on specific days or holidays. In fact, gifting just because is a way to create your own special moment!

A gift for new parents. New parents are entering into a new stage of life that is as exciting as it is scary. Surprise them with a gift that will help calm their nerves and allow them to relish in their new role.
A gift for the new baby. Everyone loves a baby – and the birth of one is such a beautiful miracle. Celebrate the “0” birthday of the new baby in your life with a special gift.
A gift for college acceptance. Most people acknowledge graduation, but receiving that college acceptance letter is a great cause for a party – and a special gift. Getting into college is a great accomplishment that should be rewarded.

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A gift for a first kiss anniversary. Do you remember when you met your significant other?  How about where you went on your first date? The first time you kissed? Relive these special moments in time with a sweet, romantic gift.
A gift of gratitude for the best friend's support. Sometimes we take advantage of the fact that our best friend is always going to be there. And, it’s likely because he or she will. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t show how thankful we are. Give a gift of gratitude to those who bring so many special moments into your life.

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A gift for the new pet. Have any pet lovers in your life? Dogs? Cats? Pigs? Fish? The heart becomes full no matter what the species. Cherish the moment of adoptions with a special gift that will make the new parents and the pet feel loved.



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Birthdays make us feel special. It doesn’t matter how old you get, you still have that giddy little kid buried deep inside that loves feeling special for that one day each year. The one day that is all yours. Go on – admit it. This is why taking the time to make birthdays special for others is something you should always make a point to do. After all, birthdays are the special moments that will be remembered for a lifetime. Surprising your friends and family with a personalized gift basket on their birthday is the perfect chance for you to go above and beyond – making that day extra special. In fact, don’t just stop with friends and family – incorporate this idea in everything you do.

At work, take the time to write your co-workers' birthdays on a calendar. Then, when their special day arrives, make it memorable. A personal touch with the chosen gifts is sure to get that warm, fuzzy feeling flowing.
In your social organizations, make a point to have a celebration for each birthday. Personal acknowledgment on a birthday is a great way to make someone feel good – though surprising them with gifts that you know they will enjoy can lead to a priceless reaction! 

At work or any organization you are a part of, take the initiative to put together a birthday club. By going above and beyond to bring joy to someone on his or her birthday, you are creating special moments that will always find a home in the heart. 

“Life is like the rhythm of the heart —
every breath, every blink of the eye. It is beat by beat, moment by moment...”
- Andy Puddicombe


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