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Essentialgifting: Faith, Hope & Encouragement

The world around us has changed a lot lately. Our routines and our seemingly normal activities have been halted. Families everywhere are struggling to incorporate new practices of work, school, and home all under one roof. A simple trip to the grocery store now encompasses fear, anxiety, and a face mask. And, while all of this panic has become almost commonplace, there is something beautiful happening. Have you noticed it?

Families cooking at home more – and eating together. Slower schedules, resulting in more time for hobbies, walks, and mental breaks. Increased bonding with loved ones, whether in the home or in online video chats. An overall greater appreciation for the little things. And scientists even say that the world appears to be healing its natural self.

And, while all of this is incredible, we find joy in it as we still yearn for the return of what we know as normal.

If there is any time in which we could all use a little more faith, hope, & encouragement, I’d say the time is now. What about you?

”Hang on to your hat. Hang on to your hope. And wind the clock, for tomorrow is another day.” - B. White

Wellness Matters

Essentialgifting Giftspiration "Faith, Hope and Encouragement"

We have all focused on wellness and self-care, reminding our friends and loved ones with packed schedules that they need to slow down and take steps to care for themselves. You know how the old saying goes, “Stop and smell the roses.” But, what happens when our routines and schedules come to a screeching halt? What happens when all we have is time? Is there no need for wellness?

Indeed, there still is. In fact, that need can be greater than ever. See, our mind thrives on schedules, routines, and habits. When life as we know it gets pulled away, many of us are left falling with flailing arms, grasping for anything to hold on to.

The change in routine in itself is enough to lead to mental chaos. Couple it with lack of movement, poor eating habits, and a change in sleep schedules – and, well, you’ve likely got a mess in need of wellness.

And this is happening in homes around the world.

Consider treating your loved ones with a basket of goodies that will entice them to take steps toward wellness. Perhaps a scented candle, bath oils, indulgent lotions, or even a new luxurious robe. Help those you care for feel well on both the inside and the outside.


Appreciating Moms and Dads

Writing Gifts for Mom & Dad by Essentialgifting

“Dear Mom and Dad,

We want you to know that you are doing a good job. Us kids are not always nice and we don’t always do what we’re supposed to. And, sure, our rooms are always messy, too. We know you don’t like that. But, we appreciate everything you do for us – and how much of your own life you have had to sacrifice…”

How many parents have ever received a letter like this? Likely, not too many. Kids are kids – that doesn’t mean they don’t think moms and dads are amazing. They are just, well, focused on kids' stuff. Here’s the thing - although they are not often recognized as such, moms and dads are superheroes. They spend every moment of their lives trying to keep another small human alive – sometimes more than one! Talk about the tasks of all job tasks, right?

If we are being honest, though, being a mom or a dad is so much more than just maintaining survival.

Moms and dads…
Teach kindness.
Spread love.
Show patience.
Give guidance.
Instill hope.
Encourage perseverance.

These givers of unconditional love are always there, always showing up, and always cheering from the sidelines of life. They empower their kids to be the best versions of themselves. They reflect beauty on the inside and the outside. They give their time and their heart and seek nothing in return.

Their job is exhausting – yet they never complain. Their job is brutal at times – yet they show up every day. But, the benefits? Ooh. All it takes is one to have a child smile, giggle, or simply make a good choice for mom and dad to feel complete. After all, it's these small tokens of life that provide the reassurance that all is ok.

Personalized Gifts by Essentialgifting

Moms. Dads. Stepmoms. Stepdads. Foster moms. Foster Dads. Legal guardians. Grandparents. Great-grandparents. Every adult who gives themselves in order to make the life of a child a little bit more hopeful and comfortable deserves to be recognized as a superhero.

They get one day each year but deserve appreciation every day of the year. So, why not make it big? Why not go above and beyond for those who never ask for anything? This year, Mother’s Day falls on May 10th, and Father’s Day falls on June 21st. Make it special for mom and dad.  

Gifts for Mother's Day, Father's Day

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