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For a quick introduction, Essentialgifting.com is based in the Triad area of Greensboro/High Point, North Carolina, home of the International Home Furnishings Market, corporations, established hospitals, and many prestigious universities.

Essentialgifting.com originated from a personal shopping service for clients with hectic lifestyles who have little or no time to shop and those seeking an alternative solution for their essential gift-giving task.

Inspired by global travels from a professional career in marketing within the kitchen and bath industry, seeking inspiration and trends have transpired into a lifestyle of sharing creative insights through the generosity of gift-giving while shopping for essentials.

In 2019, Essentialgifting.com officially launched as an online shop specializing in lifestyle products & gifts. Exclusively curated assortments are sold through our online store and also by local florist "Green's Flowers & Gifts" in the High Point, NC - Palladium Commons.

At Essentialgifting.com, our small business expertise delivers practical products with a gift experience. In return, the satisfaction of emotional joy and sincere gratitude from the shopper or gift recipient.


Donna Flack, Sole Proprietor & Gift Stylist
Business Messages: 336-904-2660
EMAIL:  service@essentialgifting.com


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Exclusive gift assortments can be purchased locally at High Point, NC, Florist. 

Add a gift to your floral purchase.

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