What is Personalized Gifting

Creating a gift using an intimate process around understanding the recipient.  We fulfill a gift order using a personal shopper approach using relevant traits (lifestyle, passion, hobbies, age, location, favorite things, and preferred activities).  This process also allows Essentialgifting to assist with gift-giving ideas and suggestions based on the event (s) or occasion.   

We thrive on customization (let's discuss lead-times).  SEND TO: support@essentialgifting.com for details on placing order.  Custom orders are entered by Essentialgifting and sent as an automated invoice allowing the customer to enter credit card for processing.

Sources for items enclosed in the gift box?

Regularly seeking product ideas from a mix of artisans and well known industry brands while trend shopping at trade shows, markets, publications and retailers for unique product finds.

Every Budget  

Shop by Price for a variety of price points. For special priced custom gifting, we enter on the backside and send an automated invoice for your payment transaction.

Gift Presentation & Packaging 

Flexibility is offered based on the recipient occasion for the best presentation impact.  Grey and Black tab-tuck boxes are standard.


Wow!  We Gift Your Presentation

Ribbons, Tapestry, Embellishments,

Floral's or a bit of Dazzle to wow your recipient.


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