Romantic Ways to Make Valentine's Day Extra Special

Make Valentine's Day extra special this year by trying some of our ideas. That will help create a stronger bond between you and your partner.

Blog: Romantic Ways to Make Valentine's Day Extra Special

They say love should be celebrated daily, not only on Valentine’s. But life is not precisely made of only roses and honey, so why not use even the slightest excuse to create extraordinary occasions? Here are some romantic ways to make Valentine’s Day extra special and create golden memories with your partner.

A woman dressed in pink, holding a pink heart-shaped gift.

Scrapbook your love story

Your love story deserves to be immortalized as a book. No matter what happens next or doesn’t happen, you are happy now, and you love and are loved. Therefore this planet is a great place to be alive for you; therefore, it is worth honoring. One way to do this would be to make a scrapbook of the past year of your love or your entire relationship. Collect a few photos that prove the great times you had together, from when you met until today. Write captions under each one saying what happened. You can also add memorabilia such as cinema or museum tickets, candy wrappings, or anything else that triggers a smile because it reminds you of some dear situation.

Another option would be to get a nice journal and write a story of how your love was born and developed into what it is now. Again, include an occasional photo of the two of you or a drawing that illustrates your writing. If you end up growing old together, it will be an invaluable item for your children and grandchildren.

Go on a first date – again!

Remember the excitement of the first flirtation between you two? Do it again! Go on a first date – again! But not in the sense of recreating it. Act as if you do not know each other and seduce each other all over again. Introduce yourselves as if you are trying to make the other one sees how special you are, and flirt as if you are hoping to get an invitation for another date. It might seem a bit awkward initially, but it is an excellent psychological trick to reconnect and remind each other why you got this far. Get all dressed up for this special occasion and find a lovely place for your second first date. It will be exciting and romantic, and you might love it so much that you will do it more often.


Hit the spa to make Valentine’s Day extra special

When you are super busy and overwhelmed with chores at home and work, every day you get to relax is special. Those that find this all too familiar should consider making Valentine’s Day a spa day. For two, many spas offer a couple’s experience with all sorts of pampering options. Another option is to set up a home spa by converting your home into the ultimate temple of relaxation. This romantic arrangement, wherever you choose to make it happen, will strengthen the bond between you and your partner while giving you long-needed rest. 

A couple having a massage at the same time.

For people with hectic lives, a romantic spa for two is the perfect way to make Valentine’s Day extra special.


Cliche, you say? We say it is never a cliché to romantically ask your partner to be with you for the rest of their life. Committing to something so sacred and lasting as a marriage should never be frowned upon. And let’s face one fundamental truth – many people are big softies, no matter how cold an exterior they put out for the world to see. Most people simply dream of a day when someone will want to spend the rest of their life with them. So yes, you can make Valentine’s Day extra special and super romantic by proposing.

A woman holding hands with a man holding an open wedding ring box

Proposing to your partner will make this day unforgettable.

Go on a romantic trip!

Traveling will never get old. In the context of the love holiday, it can become a surprise gift both of you can enjoy. It is also a nicely formulated way to test whether you two can live together and spend that much time together. If in the future you have in your plans to relocate together far away, it may be an excellent period to visit your future hometown. Speaking of that, here’s one of the tips for couples moving long-distance. Just like you should before this romantic trip, ensure you don’t forget some of the important stuff you must pack. To ensure that, go through it together as a good practice of how life will proceed when you live together – in two. 

A couple taking a selfie like tourists, which you can be to make Valentine’s Day extra special, even if that means exploring your hometown.

You would be surprised by how much fun you have being a tourist in your hometown.

Be a couple of tourists even though you’re a local

Not everyone can afford the time and money to travel for Valentine’s, but there’s another, surprisingly fun option. Be a couple of tourists in your hometown. Buy each other some cool travel items and make an itinerary for visiting your local attractions. You’ll be amazed at how much fun you will have and how much you didn’t know about your locality.

Spice things up in the bedroom

Last but not least, the classic! Bedroom games. A lot of the future of one relationship depends on how vibrant things are in the bedroom. It is natural for this aspect to get a bit stale over time. But luckily, there are ways to spice things up. Out-of-the-box thinking is the key here. Let go of your prejudice and give in to passion. Don’t overthink. Just feel. The sexy lingerie and accessories can only help get things rolling nicely. That may even help you open up some of the pleasure doors you didn’t know you had.

Final thoughts

These ideas will surely help you make Valentine’s Day extra special this year. And frankly, humanity mustn’t abandon the idea of romantic days. Love may be the most important entity in the universe, and celebrating it is only natural. Whether it is forever or for now, it doesn’t make it any less relevant because as long as it is love, it is valuable.



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