Best Gift Ideas for Travel Enthusiasts

We share some great gift ideas for travel enthusiasts, so stop by and look!

Blog: Best Gift Ideas for Travel Enthusiasts

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"Gift Ideas for Travel Enthusiasts" 

If you are looking for a perfect gift for that special person who enjoys traveling the world, you've come to the right place! In this article, we share exciting gift ideas for travel enthusiasts that will save you plenty of time. Those who live actively and often plan their next trip need something to follow them on their journeys. Luckily for you, there are many gift choices you won't think about twice. So, take time to read our suggestions and customize a gift box for your special someone who’s always on the go!


Make sure to get suitable gifts.

When gifting someone, especially a travel enthusiast, do it from the heart. Avoid random, generic gifts you haven't given a second thought. Furthermore, it doesn't have to be ultra-expensive. What makes any gift unique is the fact that you thought of that person in the first place. So, consider what that particular person enjoys doing, their favorite colors, and so on.


No matter where they go, travelers need their favorite hot drink. You can never do wrong with coffee and tea mugs. Choose a mug in vibrant colors and unusual shapes, or choose printed mugs with a comic book character your close person adores.

holding a mug

 Gift a unique mug.


Both men and women love quality deodorants, body fragrances, bath sets, and body sets. If you're bored of regular drugstore cosmetic products, explore what indie brands offer online. Think of a scent and aesthetics your adventurous friend would like. Bath salts and aromatherapy sets are excellent gift options as well. Put it all in a small, on-the-go cosmetics bag.


Every travel enthusiast has lots of places to visit on their mind. So, why not write them all down? Look up the notebooks, and pick a design the traveler close to you would love to have with them. They will enjoy planning their next journey in a lovely notebook.

Sports and camping gear

Rest assured that anyone who leads an active life will appreciate sports and camping items as gifts. For example, you can combine a sleeping bag and a thermos in a gift bag. Add a note where you wish your special person many more sunrises and sunsets outdoors. If your special someone already has a sleeping bag, go with a hammock. Browse hammocks in different colors, check the reviews, and place an order. Accompany a hammock with a baggie where the hammock will be kept safe.

a person relaxing outdoors in a hammock

Ran out of gift ideas for travel enthusiasts? Check sports and camping gear!

There are many sports bags in different sizes, styles, and qualities. If anything, travelers often renew their travel gear. So, check what your adventurous buddy needs. Is it a pouch bag? Maybe a backpack? Whatever it is, research the market and choose! 

Unusual and practical gifts

There are various cute, edgy-looking, and practical gifts to consider:

  • Travel passport wallet - They will always know where the passport is
  • Phone and tablet stand - Perfect for long video chats
  • Essentials leather pouch - All daily essentials like sunglasses or wallet remain in one place
  • Bottle pouch - Great for hiking and biking
  • Lip balm keychain holder - Super cute and convenient way to have your lip balm with you
  • Bottle opener - You can find them in different attractive shapes or as keychains
  • Travel blanket - Always welcome to have on the road
  • Snack-ware - Stainless box perfect for keeping favorite snacks

Tips for shopping for gifts online

You've finally found a fantastic online store with items you'd gladly gift to someone (or yourself). Before you start filling your online cart, ensure the store is legit:

  • Look for the company’s contact information.
  • Check their online presence and followings.
  • Read product reviews and customer feedback.
  • Check if the store’s website begins with “HTTPS://” and the lock symbol on the address bar.
  • Turn on your antivirus and do a quick scan.

Think twice before you buy from any random website or social media page. It's essential to confirm that the store has a clean track record and many satisfied customers. Ask for recommendations, read reviews, and contact the store owners. Don't hesitate to ask about the shipment method and confirm the fees. However, if it seems that store owners beat around the bush, take it as a red flag.  Fortunately, many legit and top-rated online stores have the gifts you seek. Browse multiple stores, and compare the gifts, price points, and shipping rates. That way, you'll make the most convenient decision.

woman checking gift ideas for travel enthusiasts online

Make sure the store you’re ordering from is legit.

A personalized gift is how you stay connected with your special person even if they move long-distance.

People who like to travel and explore tend to change their addresses more frequently. Digital nomads want to take their journey to the next level. They enjoy remote work that allows them to choose whatever place on Earth as their temporary home. However, they sometimes feel nostalgic about their home, friends, neighborhood, etc. So, before your friend hits the road or changes the country, get them a nice, personalized gift! Think of what they would like the most - a practical gift, a piece of their hometown, scented gifts, and so on.

Gifts are one of the many ways to maintain a connection after long-distance relocation. Here are some ideas:

  • Online games - If both of you are passionate gamers, get your characters together and do quests, fight other players, etc.
  • Online chess - Another great way to have fun with a friend while practicing your focus and cognition
  • Remote movie nights - You and your close person can watch movies no matter where you are. Pick a movie, press play, then share your impressions afterward

Bulky gifts may not be a great idea.

Avoid buying anything large or heavy as a gift unless it's a tent or a quality sleeping bag. The best gift ideas for travel enthusiasts are the ones that fit in their travel bag or backpack. So, aim for simple yet practical gifts, like those mentioned in this article. Wrap the place in a gift bag and put a smile on your friend or family member’s face!





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