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Housewarming Gift Ideas Your Friends Will Love

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Housewarming Gift Ideas Your Friends Will Love 

Are you visiting your friend’s new digs for the first time but feeling a little stumped on what to get? Do you go the tried-and-true kitchen route, the good old home décor route, or comb the online archives for quirky tchotchkes? How much money do you set aside for this? Given how elusive the art of gift-giving is, it could be weeks before you find that one present that flawlessly walks the line between utility and originality. Still, this doesn’t mean you should show up with a bottle of wine you picked up on your way to the party or, even worse, empty-handed. That’s an absolute no-go. Here at Essentialgifting, we understand how nerve-wracking it can be. So, we thought we'd share some housewarming gift ideas your friends will love.


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Moving into a new home is a special occasion. Help your friends settle in and celebrate with them.

Honor their new space

Seeing someone you love moving into a new dream pad – a tiny studio two blocks away from their previous home or a whole house in a different city – is everything. And what better way to celebrate with your nearest and dearest than honoring their new space?
Family name sign. Help the new homeowners make it official by gifting them a personalized sign with their family details (name or coordinates) to put up in their new abode.
Mood lighting. It’s not often you find a housewarming gift that makes four walls and a roof feel like home so effortlessly. You can never go wrong with some quality ambiance lighting, especially if your friends love setting the mood or are lighting nerds.
Dream-worthy sheets. Everyone loves a good night’s rest. But did you know that the quality of our sheets can make all the difference? Why not treat your nearest and dearest to a set?
Elegant table linens. There’s no saying how easily a pretty tablecloth with coordinating napkins can elevate an ordinary meal into a special occasion. Every home needs a set of beautiful table linens.
Small 6-set kitchen set. If the new homeowners enjoy good food and cooking, these gifts can never be unappreciated.
Beverage gift set. Similarly, if your friends love entertaining, a quality beverage gift set is one of the best housewarming gift ideas.
Money tree plant. Introduce wealth and good fortune to your friend's new abode with this beautiful, easy-to-maintain greenery.
Personalized family mugs. Put a smile on their faces with a custom mug set with their portraits and first names.

Gift them a memorable experience

Does your giftee seem to have more than enough stuff? In that case, splurging on a unique experience rather than another physical item that will clutter up their living space or end up in a recycling bin might be a much better idea.

A man and a woman walking on a dock.

A memorable experience is the best gift one can hope for.

You could prepay for an experience or an event that will help your special someone make memories with the people they love or something they could enjoy solo that would blow their mind. If you know this person well and know what they like, it might be easier for you to show them how much you value them.

Here are some of our best housewarming gift picks in the form of a memorable experience:
• A masterclass
• Ultra-luxe vacation
• Weekend getaway
• Tickets to a concert, sporting event, or museum gallery opening
• Whitewater rafting adventure
• Wine tasting
• A massage or other relaxing treatment
• Wine subscription boxes
• A membership to a local aquarium
• A subscription to Audible if they love books
• A subscription to Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video

Finally, if they really do have more stuff than they need and hadn’t decluttered before moving into their new home, here are two fun and practical ideas. One is to pay for their storage unit and help them prepare their items for storage: they can get rid of the excess items until they've settled and keep them safe in there. The second is to help them throw a garage sale. This could easily be a fun get-together with barbeque, beverages, and good company where they would be able to find a new home for items they don't need and earn some extra cash for the things in their new home.

Grant them a perfect staycation

Are your friends the kind of people who love to stay in? Then some of the best housewarming gift ideas are the ones that grant them that ultimate staycation. Anybody who is a homebody would love these ideas:
Spa essentials set. Bring a spa trip into your loved one’s new home and create a game-changing spa experience with a set of at-home spa essentials.
The perfect staycation robes. Doesn’t a house robe associate you with relaxing weekends full of quiet mornings, cozy nights, and hedonism? Perfect for someone settling into a new spot.
Throw blanket. Cozy throws are perfect for adding style to a boring old couch and snuggling up for an evening movie marathon.
Work-out starter set. Anyone leading a busy lifestyle and who can't find the time to hit the gym or yoga classes regularly will appreciate a good fitness at-home bundle set.
Hobby starter kit. Is there a specific activity that your friends particularly enjoy? Or perhaps a new skill or hobby they've always wanted to take up? Give them a little push with their favorite hobby starter kit.

A woman in a bathtub.

On days when it feels like you can't catch a break, at-home spa essentials are… well, essential!

Housewarming gift ideas your friends will love – a few tips

There are many fantastic housewarming gift ideas out there – finding the perfect one is the hard part. That's just the thing about gift-giving – it's truly an 'art form.' In other words, it requires one to know their giftee well enough to make assumptions about what they would or would not like. Before you grab your wallet, stop for a moment. Think about the person you are gifting. Consider their personality, likes and dislikes, style, and overall look and size of the space they're moving into.

Finally, consider how much you can spend on this gift. Whatever your choice, in the end, this particular person is guaranteed to appreciate the thought and your effort to make their fresh start as comfortable as possible.


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