6 Unique Gifts to Show Someone You Value Them

Blog:6 Unique Gifts to Show Someone You Value Them

Blog: Giftspiration | Gift Guide - Unique Gifts to Show Someone they are Valued

6 Unique Gifts to Show Someone You Value Them

Guest Blogger:  Julie Morris | julie@juliemorris.org

You love to give gifts, but you have someone you care deeply about and they’re impossible to shop for. Maybe they seem to have everything already. Perhaps they just don’t get overly excited about gifts in general.

Whatever the case, all hope is not lost. There are countless gift ideas to show your special someone how much you value them. Some will appreciate in monetary value over time while others will simply improve their everyday lives in noticeable ways. Check out these six unique gift ideas from Essentialgifting!

1. Investment Property

Gift Investment Property - Blog Essentialgifting

There are many benefits to investing in property. It's one of the oldest investment strategies in the world, and it can provide a consistent income stream. Plus, it involves a sustainable business model and is relatively easy for beginners. If you can swing it financially, consider purchasing a property for someone. Or, you could help them cover some of the down payment. This gift is certainly one that can appreciate in value!

2. Fine Wine
Gift Fine Wine Essentialgifting
Another investment gift to consider his fine wine. This alternative investing option comes with low volatility and low correlation with stock markets. And if your special someone happens to enjoy wine, this might be the ideal gift. They can either rack up a collection that appreciates in value or enjoy the bottle themselves. Research various fine wine investment platforms out there to get started!

3. New Business

If your person has an entrepreneurial spirit and an excellent business idea but is hesitant to launch a company because of the costs involved, consider paying some of their expenses. For instance, you could help them establish an LLC by hiring an online formation service and paying the bill. That way, their LLC will be established in compliance with the state, and neither you nor your special someone will have to spend the time and stress doing it yourselves.

4. A Remarkable Experience

If your special someone seems to have more than enough stuff, you may not want to give them something else that's gonna clutter up their living space. Instead of going with a physical item for your gift, you could pay for your person to have an amazing experience. You could prepay for an experience or event that your person will never forget.

Determine whether they could benefit most from fun or relaxation, and research events and experiences that could blow their mind.

You could get them tickets to a sporting event, concert, or museum gallery opening, you could pay for them to go wine tasting or on a whitewater rafting adventure. Or, you could buy them a massage or other relaxing treatment.

5. Souvenirs
NC Souvenirs
Souvenirs can brighten anyone's day. If your special someone lives in North Carolina or has visited and was never able to bring home something that reminds them of our beautiful state, consider getting them a souvenir from Essentialgifting.com.

You could go with the North Carolina-themed coasters or a high-quality salt and seasoning box. Or, you could go all out with the NC hospitality gift set. Depending on your budget and what your friend or family member likes, chances are we have the perfect gift for the situation!

6. A Subscription or Membership

One gift that will keep on giving is a subscription or membership to something your special someone is into. You could pay for an annual subscription to Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, or Netflix. If your person loves books, you could buy them a subscription to Audible. Or, if you are buying a gift for a child, consider giving them a membership to a local aquarium, zoo, or children's museum.

Don't stress out about what to get your loved one. No matter what kind of things they like and what they already have, the perfect gift is out there and all you have to do is find it. Consider the ideas above on your quest, and keep researching if none of them fit the bill. And remember the most important thing is that you value the person enough to go through all this trouble!

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