7 Gift Ideas for Couples Moving in Together

If finding a perfect gift is not your strong suit, look at some of these gift ideas for couples moving in together!
Blog: 7 Gift Ideas for Couples Moving in Together

Knowing how to pick a good gift is a very useful but underappreciated skill. Figuring out an appropriate gift for a special occasion can be a nightmare if you are not naturally good at it. And many people are not. You must remember if your friend ever mentioned something they wanted. Or if they didn't, you need to try and guess what it is. Then you need to figure out the appropriate price range for the gift because you don't want to get something too expensive or too cheap. But the worst part is that there are many situations when you need to deal with this, like birthday parties, engagements, weddings, Christmas, etc. We decided to help you with one of those situations and made a list of gift ideas for couples moving in together.

Gift boxes wrapped with red tape.


One of the practical gifts ideas for couples moving in together – is a bedding set

This gift is appropriate for almost any situation, especially couples moving in together. Because moving in together can be expensive, and young couples in their twenties often need a little help with this. So, getting them something practical as a bedding set is an excellent idea.

There are simple but still lovely bedding sets that won't overwhelm your budget. But there are also those more luxurious ones if you want to splurge on this gift. This will depend on your financial abilities and how close you are to the couple moving in together. Are they just good friends, or are they your best friends? It would be best if you considered all this before getting a gift.

Dinner plates set

A dinner plate set is an excellent gift because it is practical. But it can also be very luxurious, just like a bedding set. You can buy a 16-piece set or a little more expensive 24-piece set. It's perfect for couples who like throwing dinner parties and inviting all their friends.


A personalized doormat is a great housewarming gift for two people moving in together. It may not be something they need like bedding, plate set, or cutlery, but it can be a source of a lot of joy. That's because you can choose what you want the doormat to say. You can get a personalized doormat with a joke on it. One such great idea is to put an inside joke on it, making it more meaningful. Or you can go differently and make something sweet with both of their last names on the doormat. It would be a lovely symbol of their union and the beginning of their life together.

 A yellow doormat with the word HOME on it.

Doormats can be a really sweet and funny gift.

A thoughtful guide

This is a gift that only those who have been living with their significant others can make. Because moving in together is a big step for couples, they probably feel anxious about the whole thing. So, what you can do is make a little guide for them with some tips that can be helpful for this significant change in their lives.

 You can put tips for moving in together into two categories. Tips about practical stuff, like how to deal with so many things in one apartment. And suggestions about privacy, communication, compromise, honesty, etc. It shows friends that you care about them and their relationship. It's also helpful because young couples who just moved in together need guidance from someone a little older and more experienced in this area.


Giving plants as a gift is always a good idea. No room hasn't been made more beautiful by adding some lovely greenery. Plants make a home come alive and look fresher. In addition, what makes plants such a great gift is the fact that they can carry much symbolism. Plants can symbolize unity, hope, togetherness, eternity, etc. But it's best to get a plant that symbolizes love in these situations. And there is a variety to choose from:

  • Chinese evergreen
  • String of hearts
  • Anthurium

And there is much more. These plants are not only beautiful, but they also represent your love for your friends, and they show that you wish them well in this new chapter in their lives.

Three small potted plants

Houseplants are one of the great gift ideas for couples moving in together. 


A lovely painting is also one of the great gift ideas for couples moving in together. It's a gift that will make the home that they share look more interesting and beautiful. In this case, it's much easier if you have a good idea about what your friends like and dislike. Because if you don't know someone's taste in art, this gift can be risky. And if you don't want to take that risk, you can always go in a different direction and go for something more comical. Like a funny caricature of the couple.


And we came to our final gift idea for couples moving in together: personalized bathrobes. Who doesn't like a warm, soft bathrobe? Especially during these cold winter months when you only want to snuggle up and be warm. A nice cashmere bathrobe with personalized names is a great gift; your friends will be grateful.

A person in a grey bathrobe

Everyone would be happy to get a soft cashmere bathrobe

In conclusion

Choosing the right gift can be daunting, so we hope these gift ideas for couples moving in together will help you. You can also look for some inspiration online. The key is to get something that is either thoughtful and has great emotional value or something practical. The best-case scenario is to manage to combine the two, but that is not always doable. And remember, just because something is expensive doesn't mean it's a good gift. Sometimes a gift you made yourself is better than anything you could find in a store.

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