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The Human Heart

Essentialgifting Blogger:  Michelle Blan

Last year was filled with a lot of emotions and a new way of life. So far, this year has not been much different, has it? Good news - there is some hope on the horizon. Can you see it? Can you feel it?  In everything that has happened in the last year, we have been awarded something special – something life-changing.

Do you know what it is?
It is kindness.

People everywhere have been overflowing with the desire to be kind. A simple, bright light in a large, dark room -- that is how powerful one small act of kindness is.  The human heart yearns to feel loved, appreciated, and noticed. It wants to lift up others and spark smiles. Sure, it handles pain and heartache, too, but it shines when spreading the good.

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Recognition: Putting Your Kindness to Work

Think about the last time someone did something nice for you. Maybe it was a small token of appreciation, maybe it was a compliment or kind word from a stranger, or maybe it was a free coffee in the Starbucks drive-thru! Whatever it was for you, think about this: How did it make you feel?  Kindness swells the human heart. It is like a cold glass of water after a long run on a hot day or seeing the love of your life walk into the room after a period of absence. It is powerful and it just feels good.

You have the power to spread kindness. You have the power to make people feel recognized and appreciated.  Kindness does not have to come with great expense. Smiling, giving a compliment, and holding the door for the person behind you are all small acts of kindness. And all have an impact on those who receive it.

But what about those people you want to show recognition to? What about those people who are in your life working hard, day in and day out, who are feeling beat down and worn out but have no choice to keep going? What about the friend that lost her mom to COVID complications or the co-worker who is working overtime because her husband lost his job?
What about your neighbor who is a nurse and spends so many extra shifts at the hospital to give what she can? What about your cousin who graduated college, but did not get to walk across that stage before she starts her new life in the real world?

The person who shows up when no one else does.
The person who gives 110% every single time.
The person who walks with eyes facing down, too broken to look up.
Recognize them. All of them.
Show kindness and love to those who need it – and be the bright light in the darkness.

Take it a step further with a personalized gift. Imagine how it would feel to be recognized and acknowledged as a person. Then, imagine realizing that the kind act is full of something that you need in your life – something that was put together with you in mind.
Oh, what a good, good feeling – that you have the power to give.

Birthdays: Utmost Joy & Celebration

Speaking of recognition – there are sure to be a lot of birthdays coming up! And do we ever need a reason to celebrate, right? Acknowledge the important people in your life with a personalized birthday gift.

Whether you are celebrating with a party, from afar, or still taking COVID precautions with a low-key drive-by event, a personalized gift can be the difference between an ordinary birthday and an extraordinary birthday.
Birthdays are always a time for us to lift up this important person on his or her special day – and bring joy to everyone involved. Keep this joy flowing with the thoughtfulness that comes with a personalized gift.

It is important to keep in mind that we are all very different. So, personalized gifts are going to vary from person to person. With so many different items that can be placed together, your options are unlimited!
Celebrate those in your life and speak to their heart by spreading kindness, my friend. Let’s make a difference.


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