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Birthdays make us feel special. It does not matter how old you get; you still have that giddy little kid buried deep inside that loves feeling special for that one day each year. The one day that is all yours. Go on – admit it. Therefore, taking the time to make birthdays special for others is something you should always make a point to do. After all, birthdays are the special moments that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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Surprising your friends and family with a personalized gift box on their birthday is the perfect chance for you to go above and beyond – making that day extra special. In fact, do not just stop with friends and family – incorporate this idea in everything you do.


At work, take the time to write your co-workers' birthdays on a calendar. Then, when their special day arrives, make it memorable. A personal touch with the chosen gifts is sure to get that warm, fuzzy feeling flowing.   In your social organizations, make a point to have a celebration for each birthday. Personal acknowledgment on a birthday is a great way to make someone feel good – though surprising them with gifts that you know they will enjoy can lead to a priceless reaction!   Friends group or any organization, if you are a part of, the initiative to put together a “birthday club”. By going above and beyond to bring joy to someone on his or her birthday, you are creating special moments that will always find a home in the heart. 

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