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A Dad's Love


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Dads have a lot of stoic traits, don’t they? To describe a dad, one would probably use words like loyal, strong, proud, protective, reliable, dependable, courageous, and so on. A dad is the quiet, sturdy beacon in a kid’s life. You know, the one who lets mom do all the talking, the nurturing, and the hands-on caretaking of the kids. He stands back and absorbs it all in, proud of his family and the life he has helped create.

Throw out your misconceptions – moms are not the only nurturers. Dads just do it differently.

Dad stands tall and strong for the family. He wants everyone to feel protected and feel as though everything is simply fine. No extra fear, no extra worry, no extra stress. Dad handles it. And even though we all have it, he doesn’t show weakness or instability. Instead, he works hard to be the one person that everyone in the family can go to when the ground below their feet gets a bit rocky or when the waters get too rough.

Dad. He is such a good man with some good advice.

If you still have your dad, then you know exactly what I am talking about. And, if you have lost your dad, then you know how much his advice still plays a role in your life today. It does not matter if it was advice about relationships, money, home or car maintenance, or life in general – a dad’s wisdom is untouchable.

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So, why not capture these wise words – your words – in a gift box for your child? A box filled with all sorts of goodies with a note from dad as the icing on the cake. See, as much as we would love for them to, dads do not live forever. So, sharing important notes about life and living it can be a keepsake every child will cherish.

Moving Forward, Be Encouraged

Moving forward in life into the unknown can be scary. It is that first step or leap of faith that you know you need to take, but it’d be so much easier if you had a little push or someone holding your hand. As kids figure out life and the steps they need to take, dad always has some encouraging wisdom that can help. In fact, he’s often the little extra shove that gets them over the finish line.

With a gift box, you could send a note letting your child know that you are there and that it is ok to keep going –everything will work out the way it is supposed to.

Hearing those words from you makes the world seem a lot less scary.

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My Devotions to Your Success

Every dad wants to their kids succeed. Do your kids know this? Do they know that you will do everything it takes to help them succeed? Do they truly know the depth of your devotion? Even if you have told them 1,000 times, sometimes getting a handwritten reminder that you are there cheering them on can be a big boost to keep climbing.

Share Your Passion

If you share a passion with your child or want to teach him/her to embrace their own, say it. Regardless of age, kids tend to shove passions aside for the demands of life.

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Don’t let that flame die.

Remind your kids that hobbies and passions add sweetness to life – and that they should be pursued without stopping. By showing interested in their passions you will give them the spark to keep it alive.

Navigating Change

Life never remains the same. Seasons come and seasons go. As seasoned adults, we know this. Dads know that life is not fair, it is full of twists and turns, and it can even seem utterly disastrous. Our children though? They are just learning how to navigate every obstacle that falls in front of them.

Some kids adapt well. Others need a bit more encouragement. Taking a moment to share how you have overcome change or obstacles could be the piece of the puzzle needed to help your child do the same.

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This message is for you. It is a reminder of how special your kids are – and how powerful your words can be. Whether it is a birthday, a celebration of a special accomplishment, encouragement when times get tough, or something else – send your child a gift box to say, you mean the world to me. Make it extra special with a handwritten note of wisdom that will spark the spirit of your child at any age.

One day, the day will come when you will no longer be there to hand out much-needed advice to your children. This is when that small note from dad becomes a timeless keepsake to reappear at just the right time.

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