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How was your summer and where did it go? It is only fitting that we celebrate our love for entertaining, get-togethers, family and friend socials while supporting favorite charity events.  At the top of our list are the host, behind the scenes special people who take on the role of hosting or organizing to achieve the sole purpose of guest enjoyment and memorable occasions.  Essentialgifting is excited to offer each of our subscribers the "Gift A Smile" give back or pay it forward gift event.

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Guest Blogger:  Michelle Blan

The Gift of Entertaining

Wow! Looks like we are on the downhill slope for 2019. As we snowball towards the upcoming holidays, we usually find ourselves up to our ears in everything pumpkin spice by now. It is as if we are trying to will the holiday season to get here sooner. Before you know it, we will be ringing in a new year – and saying goodbye to this one.  
But, what are we in a hurry for? Let’s slow down, shall we? Why rush what is going to be here soon enough? Instead, let’s stop and enjoy this season and all that it has to offer us – which is so much more than pumpkin spice!
There are many reasons we can be celebrating right now! Don’t believe us? Check these out.

Game Day and Super Sundays

It is football season! Whether you prefer to watch college ball or the pros, you can get your fill of football between Thursday night and Monday night of every week. Maybe you get together to discuss your fantasy football league, maybe it’s a cold one and some wings on the couch, or maybe it’s a full-blown, exciting backyard tailgate party. Wherever you celebrate, the topic of choice this time of year is always football. Who’s going to win? Who injured who? Who stands a chance in the super bowl? And, who is going to take down the Patriots once and for all? Carolina Panthers? Or Clemson Tigers? Denver Broncos? Ohio State Buckeyes? Dallas Cowboys? Or Ole Miss? Whatever your preference, you will find celebrating the sport, in general, can lead to fun times.
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And, wherever you go, you must never show up empty-handed.  Give the host a personal gift – or something for future game days. For example, insulated coolers, non-spill cups, games, puzzles, or party décor reflecting a favorite team (or team’s colors). Something that says thank you for hosting game day.

Champagne and Tea Day Parties

While the guys are doing their guy things, the ladies will do their own. Champagne and tea day parties are the perfect time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life – and unwind with your closest friends. Chat it up, catch up on recent happenings, try a new charcoal mask, or bake something delicious to gobble up – and to take home.   There are no expectations with these parties which is what makes them so wonderful. But that doesn’t mean you should be relaxed in your manners. Thank your host for reminding you that you deserve a break – and some girl time. Why not go beyond words and give her a gift that will show this appreciation? Perhaps a serving platter in porcelain or glass, an appetizer recipe book, candles, a porcelain teapot with teacups, or disposable dinnerware.

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In-Home Social and Charity Events

Before the holidays get in full swing, many organizations love to do their socializing as they prepare to kick the fundraising into high gear. Many people rely on certain charity events and charitable donations during the upcoming season – so the planning must start early.  Though, with our eyes on the end goal, we sometimes fail to see all the work that goes into preparing for these in-home social events. Your host is working overtime – donating her time to provide you a comfortable and enjoyable space to discuss plans to, well, donate time to something or someone else.    Be thoughtful and provide your host with a gift that will be enjoyed as much as it is needed. Would she like a new set of stationery? A favorite bottle of wine? A fruit basket? Or perhaps table linens?

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Final thoughts

Life can be so busy that we forget what is important. And, that is spending time with loved ones – and allowing time for ourselves. Thankfully, we are blessed enough to have someone close to us who reminds us of its importance by inviting us to celebrate with or without a cause.    And, if you have ever been a host, then you know there is a lot of work involved in hosting even the smallest of get-togethers. But, they are needed – and welcomed – aren’t they?   The next time you get an invite – whether to watch a football game, kick back with a glass of champagne, or to brainstorm for charity fundraising – go! Do it – for you and your friends! But there’s one condition – show your host some appreciation!
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