Gift Guide: "Traditions, Memories & New Beginnings"

"Traditions, Memories & New Beginnings" to Inspire Your Gift-Giving
Gift Guide:


Warmest Holiday Greetings!

Celebrating personal joy!   Why not take a different approach and transform this season for self-care, personal space, life-balance and relaxation ahead of the new year. Incorporate favorite traditions and special memories etched in your heart for the calm and peace of the Christmas holiday season.

Our candles are lit honoring the memories of loved ones while sharing moments of peace and joy throughout the season and forthcoming new year.

Wishing you and your families all the best.



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A December to Remember

Guest Blogger Michelle Blan

Do you ever get that warm, fuzzy feeling during the holiday season? There is just something about this time of year that makes us nostalgic and keeps our emotions brimming over the top. We want those feel-good feelings. We want those perfect, delightful holiday celebrations. We want a loving embrace with those we hold dear to our hearts. And, of course, we want our celebrations to mirror those found on all the Hallmark holiday movies.

The Gift of Warmth by Essentialgifting

But, life is not a Hallmark movie, is it? And, it doesn’t always coincide with our emotional holiday needs, either. Come to think of it, these both probably have something to do with the fact that perfection doesn’t exist in real life, right?

This holiday season is all about giving, miracles, gratitude, and love. So, what if there was a way that you could bundle all these in beautiful packages and get through the season by stirring up goodness at every turn? What if you could bring the sense of connection that everyone is seeking?

You can.

And it all starts with a meaningful gift.


You don’t give someone something just because it is proper etiquette. A gift should be more than just a gift. Otherwise, it is a waste of money and a waste of effort – if any effort was used in the first place!

This year, do something different. Purchase gifts that will leave a lasting impression on the recipient. You know, something that can bring about longing and those warm, fuzzy feelings.

Gifts of Tradition

Whether these are traditions that you hold from your childhood or those you have created with your own family, traditions are the number one way to reach nostalgia. Choosing a gift that can bring about these feelings is simple – especially if you take time to think about your interactions with the recipient.

If you have known each other long, think back to what you used to do together – what were the likes/dislikes/most fun, and such?

Family Gifts

Is there a special memory you share from years ago? Can you recreate it in some way?

Choosing simple gifts with a lot of meaning, such as a commemorative ornament (or an ornament that symbolizes something of importance), a favorite hot beverage, or perhaps a board game you always played together are a few ideas.

Gifts to Solidify Memories

Ready to take a trip down memory lane? Getting together with friends and family you may not regularly see – as usually occurs this time of year - often sparks talk of old memories and good times. Why not solidify these memories with a purposeful gift?

A few options you may want to consider are:

  • Framing unexpected or forgotten photos
  • An artisan hand-crafted gift
  • A favorite dessert
  • A personalized memory of a loved one

What a way to help memories last a lifetime!

Personalized Gifts, Ornaments, Photo Gifts

Gifts for New Beginnings  

And, just as we like to reminisce of days gone by, there are new beginnings happening all around us. This may be an adolescent coming of age, a new addition to the family, a new career, a new spouse, a new hobby, or something else.

Instead of focusing on the specific new beginning, consider a gift that is directed toward making the most of this beginning. And, help create memories along the way!

Not sure what to get? Those facing a new beginning may be blessed with a new calendar or journal. Or, how about a new writing instrument, travel accessories, or even a package that consists of  gifting an experience itself?

A blank page leaves a lot of room for memories to be created. If you are trying to spread that goodness we talked about, then you should be the one to encourage the making of new memories.

Gift Journal and Writing Instrument, Essentialgifting


Before you get overwhelmed thinking that you will never get through your shopping list if you spend all this time finding meaningful gifts, there is a solution. It’s sort of like having your pumpkin pie – and eating it, too. At Essentialgifting, you can purchase a gift for all of your loved ones. You tell us the details about the individual and any ideas you may have in mind. We do the rest.

You can bet your holiday socks that those on your shopping list will feel delighted and joyful when receiving the thought-filled gift that was hand-selected with them in mind!

The holidays will be here before you know it – have you started your list yet?


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