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"Essentialgifting School & Fall Fresh Start" 

Guest Blog Collaborator:  Michelle Blan

By now, you have probably heard the term back to school more times than you can count. Everyone is getting ready to head back to life as it exists after a joyful, relaxing summer. But, are we really heading back? Or is this, instead, a fresh start to a new season?

Fall brings with it a shedding of the old in preparation of the spring. It’s a time of letting go and moving forward. So, as school comes around again for a new year, children move on to a new grade, a new teacher, and new friends. Some even move away to college. And, then there is a mom and the teacher trying to hold it all together in hopes of a smooth transition.

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Student supply package

Switching to a new school or even just a new grade can be nerve-wracking for students. Liken it to starting a new job every year. You’ve got to learn a new set of rules, a new routine, new people, and more.Back to School Supplies

Making this transition as easy as possible can lead to great success throughout the year. Consider providing your student with a gift of supplies that can make that first day – and every day after – a bit easier while calming some of the fears.

Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Get your student ready.

Destination dorm room

If you think starting a new year is rough for students, how do you think those who aGift College Care Packagesre heading off to college feel? It is exciting yet scary all wrapped in one. That is why providing your college kid with some much-needed comforts from home can combat the homesickness for a little while.Take the time to prepare your student for the upcoming year by transforming his or her dorm room into a comfortable, welcoming, new home. Everything and anything that can make life a bit simpler – and of course a little sweeter – will make a difference.

And, moms – mark your calendar for those much-appreciated care packages throughout the year!

Teachers matter – creativity in the classroom

Students are not the only ones who have to prep for the new school year. Teachers have to discover new ways to hold the attention of students and teach in ways that are memorable and impactful. Every year is a new beginning: a new set of students and a new chance to make a difference.

Gift a Teacher

Getting blessed with a gift of supplies and creative tools can take any classroom from ordinary to extraordinary.

Mom’s back to school essentials

After all, is said and done, you surely cannot forget mom and her needs. Moms have to switch gears and get that carpool schedule ready once again. Between soccer practice, dance rehearsal, guitar lessons, PTA meetings, and overseeing the home – it’s tough, though so worth it, too.  

Gifts for Mom

Surprise the moms in your life with a gift of the essentials, such as a calendar to keep things in order and bath beads to ease the summer stress away. At home work-out and fitness gear for self-care.

Don’t allow yourself or  those in your life to fall back this time of year. Instead, together, take a step forward in the direction of success.



Throughout the School Year Send Support with encouragement supply boxes! Student & Teacher Gifts

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