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At Essentialgifting, You Are Exclusive!

Guest Blogger:  Michelle Blan

The human race - What a beautiful pallet of colors moving in synchronicity with time. Each of us having a life that we are living – yet each doing so very differently. We are all the same in our creation, but we truly are intricately unique.

"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is
You-er than You."

    We have different interests, different priorities, different goals. We share the miracle of life, but our drive for life is our own. And our individual journeys mold us into the exclusive beings that we are.
    What motivates you?
    What makes you feel good?
    What embraces your mind, body, and spirit?
    What do you aspire to be? What are your goals?
    What brings a smile on your face and peace to your heart?
    What calms your mind?

    You and I could each answer these questions – and our responses would be different. In fact, you could have a room full of 100 people do the same and never get the same response twice.

    Why do you think that is?

    Well, each of these posed questions warrants an answer that belongs to each individual person. It is what sets us apart. We may breathe the same air, but we fill our minds and hearts with things that are solely important to us.

    Perhaps this is what makes gift-buying so difficult. After all, when it comes to selecting appropriate gifts, it seems silly to purchase a gift we like for someone else, doesn’t it? It only makes sense to have a personalized, specifically designed gift created for that person. This is the exact idea behind My Lifestyle Box.

    Blog Giftspiration by Essentialgifting "My Lifestyle Box"

    This gift box allows you to focus on individual passions and self-expression while gifting growth, enjoyment, and self-love. See, receiving a gift from someone who just, well, knows you, feels good, doesn’t it? And knowing that everything in that gift box is going to be something that will enhance a life is even more spectacular.

    If you think about, the ideas for a My Lifestyle Box are endless. Why? Well, if we are all different, then we all have our own ideas of what should be in that box. Wouldn’t you agree? Here are a few examples…

    Art and Design. For those who love sketching, painting, coloring, and creating. This box vows to spark creativity and imagination.

    Crafting. What could you create if you were given a variety of crafting supplies? This box is all about handmaking beautiful keepsakes.

    Spiritual and Motivational. We could all use some encouragement and inspiration. And here you will find positive affirmations and joy for the mind, body, and soul.

    Essentialgifting My Lifestyle Box

    Adventure and Travel. Some individuals can’t sit still. They are always looking to explore and gain new experiences around the world. This is the box for the adventurous soul.

    Gardening and Florals. Gardening brings peace. So do flowers. Being near either can transport us to a more quiet, calm place. This My Lifestyle Box is perfect for the one who enjoys a tranquil life.

    Essentialgifting "My Lifestyle Box"

    Aspiring Writers. What about people in your life who have a story to tell? Writers are inspired by having the tools they need to make dreams happen.

    Book Clubs. Avid readers easily get transported into faraway places. Bless the reader in your life with this My Lifestyle Box designed just for him or her.

    Poetry and Poets. Poetry touches the heart, whether it is read or written. A box full of the good stuff – and cute tools to use to create your own. It’s sure to please.

    Foodies. These individuals are always looking for something tasty. And, something fun to try. Maybe it is exotic. Maybe it’s part of the local culture. Or maybe it is something to help spice things up in the kitchen. Either way, this box will be delicious.

    Baking. Know a baker who could use some uplifting? A My Lifestyle Box for bakers is the sweet treat you’ve been searching for.

    Fitness. Getting fit and staying fit just feels good. Know what can feel even better? Receiving a My Lifestyle Box with fitness goals in mind.

    Sports. Sports fanatics can be found everywhere. For some, it is a particular team and a particular sport. For others, it does not matter who it is – it is all about the competition. Show some competitive spirit with this sports box.

    Essentialgifting "My Lifestyle Box"

    Gaming. Have a gamer in your life? This is a hobby for many people, young and old. Consider this box to be like gaining gold coins, an extra life, or a secret game code.

    Collecting. People collect all sorts of things. Stamps, coins, seashells, books, figurines, and so on. Show your support by treating your collector with a My Lifestyle Box that focuses on their passion.

    Volunteering. Volunteers are good seeds that make the world a better place. Spread joy to the volunteers you know with this box. Not only will it gift them with special meaningful items, but it will also honor their endeavors.

    Gift for Her

    Keep in mind that every single box is designed with the recipient top of mind. Don’t see what you are looking for? That’s ok – reach out to us. At Essentialgifting, we work to embrace the uniqueness of everyone. That’s why we are so sure that you’ll love what the My Lifestyle Box has to offer.


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