Gift Guide: "June is all about the Guys"

Giftspration Newsletter - June "Its all about the Guys"
Gift Guide: June is all about the Guys



Greetings Gifters!

It's practically June already, we loved, honored and lifted-up mother's in May, now we are ready to share the same devotion to our dad's in June.  Taking it a step further by celebrating Essentialgifting men in the month of June.

Guest Blog Writer:  Michelle Blan

 June is all about the Guys

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Dad's It's Your Day!

Father’s are favored. And, for good reason. These men offer their devoted support, love, and protection to their kids of all ages. They provide wisdom, guidance, and even a lesson here and there on things like checking your tire pressure and changing your oil. To put it simply, dads are great - period.

And, let’s be honest - many of us wouldn’t be who we are today without the father in our life.

Want to know the best part about dads? Anyone can be one. And, we don’t just mean biologically. There are so many awesome men out there who step up and follow through on fulfilling the role of a father - teaching young boys how to be grown, respectful young men and little girls what it means to be respected and loved. And, while every dad may be different, they all have one thing in common: they put their kids and families before themselves, being the true patriarch of the family.

So, what makes dads so great?

He teaches his children to appreciate every part of life.
He accepts his children for who they are, individually.
He leads by example.
He understands the importance of spending quality time together.
He supports and protects in every situation.
He shows love without conditions.

This Father’s Day, what can you give your dad that will show him that you love and cherish him? After all, how do you even begin to put your gratitude for him into a gift? By choosing something that brings him joy, you are sure to brighten his day and warm his heart (whether he will admit it or not!)

Tips for Father's Day & Summer Birthdays for Him

  • Does your dad have a favorite sport or sports team?
  • Is your dad always seeking an adventure?
  • Does your dad’s love of travel often take you to see great places? Do you struggle to keep tabs on his location?
  • Perhaps your dad is always seeking the closest green.
  • Is your dad into cars? Bikes or motorcycles?
  • Some dads are into physical fitness, whether a runner, a weightlifter, or something else.
  • Often find your dad poolside firing up the grill?
  • Hobbies, such as woodworking, are something to keep in mind when seeking something that will bring joy to your dad.
  • Does your dad grow his own produce or some of the most beautiful flowers? Many dads have great green thumbs when it comes to gardening.
  • Would you call your dad tech savvy?
  • Music brings the world together – as well as dads and kids.

So, whether you have a biological dad, a stepdad, a grandpa, a pawpaw, a papa, a pop, a mentor, or any other magnificent guy in your life that has filled that role – make sure you take the time to let them know just how special they are this Father’s Day with a gift designed just for them.


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Don’t forget – Father’s Day is June 16, 2019!

“Lookin' back all I can say about all the things he did for me is
I hope I'm at least half the dad that he didn't have to be.”

– Brad Paisley



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