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I can only imagine that you are in the midst of a robust December calendar filled with shopping, holiday events,attending gatherings with family, friends and work colleagues while attempting to keep your attention span to the priorities of your day to day responsibilities.  For those of you that are still working toward your gift list you might find the article of "Customized vs. Personalized" gifting helpful. 

Welcoming guest writer/blogger, Brown, who contributed a perspective to this topic.

Wishing you and your families the warmest holidays filled with love and joy.  We look forward to servicing your gift needs in 2019.


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Customized vs. Personalized (is there a difference?)

Gifts are more than just tokens because sometimes, these become sentimental and valuable to a receiver. We all know it’s really challenging to choose the best present, especially to people close to us like friends and family. Holidays are even more stressful since you’ve got loads of presents to prepare. The worst thing? Seeing your gift be given to another person on the next holiday or celebration.

Because of this whole situation, opting for personalized and customized gifts might just be your best resort. If you’re not particularly sure whether to get personalized or customized gifts, you should know that there’s a fine line between the two.

What is customization?

Customized Gifts by Essentialgifting

Customization entails delivery of products that are geared towards satisfying a specific want or need. This means that the preferences of the customizer are prioritized, which is why most givers primarily consider customization when it comes to giving gifts. As a matter of fact, it sets specific customer standards so rigid and so precise that it leaves the giver no room for error, lest they want to incur the customized expense. This means days, weeks or even months of rigorous planning to perfectly capture the image and the very present they have in mind.

For most individuals, these souvenirs must be imbued with unique and one-of-a-kind elements which set it apart from the rest. To achieve this goal, the giver must be ready to spend an extensive, often unlimited, budget to ensure that the desired outcomes are met. However, customization is more than merely crossing off items out of a list of specifications. It also means that having a backup plan or a substitute item is a rare practice. This is due to the desire to give the exact item that the customizer has in mind.

What is personalization?

Personalized Gifts by EssentialgiftingOn the other hand, personalized gifts seem to be a more intimate process. It entails listing down the wants and needs of each recipient and getting a keepsake that caters to individual predispositions. This is why some of the most relevant traits of personalized presents include the receiver’s location, age, favorite things, and preferred activities. Because of this, the process requires the giver to have a closer relationship with the receiver, combined with a more in-depth knowledge of their day-to-day activities as well as passions.   With this method, the gift-giver might have difficulty finding a specific item that perfectly caters to the personal inclinations of the recipient (s). However, this also provides more leg room to find alternatives and comparable goods that can satisfy the person as effectively as the originally intended item. In a way, this modification method is similar to the process of problem-solving; the goal of which is to match the recipient’s wants and needs.


Essential Differences Between Customized and Personalized

Personalized Gift by Essentialgifting

The defining factor that differentiates the two is the basis of specifications. With customized items, the specs are based on the preferences of the customizer, who is often the gift-giver. Personalized products are tailored depending on the things the recipient is inclined to enjoy. Another remarkable distinction is the end product. Receivers of customized gifts get identical items with the same attributes, whilst those who get personalized ones acquire a variety of things with very distinguished characteristics.

Why Personalize Your Gifts

  • It Makes the Receiver Feel Special

People give presents to individuals they care about. Because of this, you want to make this feeling and connection known. By thinking of a personalized gift for every person, you are making sure that they realize the degree of importance given to them just by picking an item which you know they will love. In fact, most people already feel special just by receiving a gift even if it is something they do not want or need. What better way to show them you care by getting one they actually like and use.

  • It is Recipient-Centric

The main idea of personalization can be traced back to its root word, “personal,” which means something that affects or belongs to a specific person. This means that the gift should be an item, service or an act that is directed towards the receiver. It is also important to keep in mind that gift-giving is something that should please the taker, not the giver. Because of this, personalizing keepsakes is a much more preferable process than customization for the fact that it considers what the wishes and desires of a receiver.

  • It Shows More Effort

There’s an old, yet timeless saying that goes, “It’s the thought that counts.” This is often said when the present is not as satisfying as the giver thought it to be, but at least an effort was made to get a great present. However, with personalization, there is little possibility that the taker will not be satisfied as their favorites, hobbies, passions, and cravings are taken into consideration. Not only does this show more effort, but it also shows that you pay attention to what they say and do.

  • It Can Be Given Anytime

Once you think of a suitable gift for a particular individual, you do not have to wait for an occasion to find a reason to give it to them. Instead, you can hand it over anytime you feel like it. This is useful especially if you failed to give the gift during one holiday.

Whether you got them a book from their favorite author for Christmas or a shirt they have on their birthday wish list, it does not matter if you give it on another celebration. They’ll surely be thankful to receive something from you. 

There is no better feeling than knowing that the recipient truly enjoys the present you give them. Whether for Christmas or birthdays, taking the time to make the receivers feel special and loved will always be worthwhile. Personalized gifts not only make you feel good, but it also conveys a feeling of love, care and worth to the person you are gifting.

Generosity/Gift it Forward - December

Generosity by Essentialgifting

 Essentialgifting is pleased to gift members of The Ladies Progressive Club in Greensboro, NC; a ladies club of 50+ years organized as a community service organization supporting children and families within the community.  As the majority of the club members are now deceased, the remaining ladies still attempt to gather, fellowship and support those in need.  Thank you Ladies Progressive Club for your service and acts of kindness to the community.


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