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The love of Fall Fun, Family and Friends!  There's always a reason to gather, we have a few ideas for your gatherings, game night, social luncheons and charity events.

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Fall Gifts and Treasure Chests

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Let us take it back to childhood. That is way back, for some of us. Do you remember how it felt getting to pick a prize from a treasure chest? Maybe it was because you had followed instructions in school all week. Maybe it was because you didn’t have any cavities at the dentist. Or maybe it was just because the old man at the corner store wanted to keep neighborhood kids cheery-eyed.


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The reason for the treasure chest does not matter nearly as much as that feeling. Do you remember it? Not looking, you would stick your hand into a pile of toys. Oh, my goodness! What are you going to get? Can you figure it out just by touching it? If you were like most kids, you probably felt for the biggest toy - because bigger was always better, right? You would pull it out and beam with joy as you discover what has now become yours.

 Ah… those were the days.

Fast forward to today and, as adults, we don’t get to stick our hands blindly into those toy treasure chests anymore. But we should. In fact, we should find ways to incorporate these surprise gifts into our daily lives.

 This fall let’s bring back the days of youthful treasure chests, but with an adult twist. What do you think? Who said being a grown-up had to be boring?


Shopping For Things That I Love!

 Cosmetic Case,  

Now that we know that bigger is not always better, we can shop for the small things that we love. These are the lifestyle products that have made our lives a little bit easier, such as staying organized with a little leather travel case or maybe those men’s shower steamers that melt away the rough days.

Sometimes giving away the things that make us happy can bring joy to others, too. As you shop for the things you love, grab some extras too. You never know when you may have a chance to gift someone something -- or give them an opportunity to grab a secret treat.


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Friends & Family Game Night

Did you get your stash of goodies together? Then it is time to treat your family and friends. Let’s have a game night!

Do you and your friends have a favorite game? It doesn’t matter whether it is a night of cards, games like Clue, Pictionary, or Twister, or even Cards Against Humanity. The games shall commence, and so shall laughter and memories.

 The twist? The winner gets to grab some swag! Put together a treasure chest for all your friends, comprised of all the things you think they will enjoy. Bring that feeling back. Let your friends feel like they are going shopping -- except this is more than a gift shop - it is a treasure chest! Oh, yes. Or - grab one big gift box of swag and let one lucky winner take home the prize.

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 This night is sure to bring smiles and lots of joy regardless of who wins. Though prepare yourself for some fierce (yet, friendly) competition!

Host a Charity Event 

Treasure chests can make their way to charity and fundraising events, too. And since everyone will be heading back to school this fall, it is a great way to engage fun-loving adults in raising money for all those extracurricular activities. Or any one of your favorite charities.

Create that large guest list and enlist donors to pledge a dollar amount. In return, let them choose a gift from - which is so much more than a gift shop. You may even want to think of it as a treasure chest for the digital age.

There is a good chance you will be surprised at how easy it is to entice people to donate money for a good cause when they get something awesome in return.


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This fall, shop your favorite online marketplace and find the lifestyle products that will make your friends grin from ear to ear -- just like they did in 3rd grade when they stuck their hands in that treasure chest filled with a mound of toys.

 After all, life is too short to not have a little fun.


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