Gift Guide: Summer Fun Is Back!

Gift Guide: Summer Fun Is Back! - Essentialgifting


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Can we get real for a moment? Last summer felt like it did not exist. While we could argue that the year 2020 gave us back things like time at home or creative outlets, it took a lot of things from us, too – like traveling, celebrations, and holidays with loved ones.

Can you guess what else 2020 took? It took our summer! That is why, as the flowers bloom, the world turns green around us, and the sun starts beaming high in the sky – we are anxious for our long days to be filled with good times just like they used to be.
Summertime fun is back, my friend!

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Summer Gatherings
Here is the million-dollar question - how are you going to spend your summer?
There is so much fun to be had and memories to be made - so get outside and enjoy all that the season has to offer. After all, if you are like most, it has probably been quite a while since you have spent time with friends and enjoyed an afternoon barbecue, right?
Since this summer feels extra special, you should consider hosting some fun outdoor summer gatherings. Or maybe you and your friends can take turns hosting. However, you choose to do it, just know that it is a much-needed time for everyone – so make it happen.
We have some great ideas to help you plan something unforgettable.

Beach Day


If you are close enough to enjoy the beach (or a lake), consider spending the day there. Pack up a cooler, grab towels and blankets, and invite your friends. Plan on staying all day so pack your cooler accordingly. When you get there, section off an area for your group by placing your blankets together.

Do not forget your beach umbrella and things for the kiddos to do, too!

Pool Party

If you have a pool, host a pool party. Open it up to everyone, young and old, who can swim. Have snacks and drinks or fire up the grill. Spend the day letting the sun glisten off your wet skin. It will feel so good.


Whether you have a pool or not, if you have a grill, you can have a barbecue. Gather up your friends, put some music on, drinks on ice, and start making the neighbors jealous with the smells from your backyard.

Outdoor Movie Night

Use an outdoor projector to shine a movie on the side of your house or tie up a sheet between two trees. Blow up air mattress (or just use sheets and blankets) and get comfortable for a movie outside. The kids will love this, too. Pop some popcorn and throw in some movie snacks for a great evening.

Overnight Glamping

Sleep Sack by Essentialgifting

If you want to take camping to a whole new level, you need to go glamping. This glamorous camping means sleeping under the stars – without giving up the comforts of civilization. Put a tent in your backyard, blow up a big air mattress, hook up your tv, and get cozy. Why not make it a girls' night?

Don’t Forget the Host

As you go about your summer indulging in all the social activity that is sure to keep you busy, don’t forget the host. Someone willing to put together an event, big or small, for others to enjoy deserves something special in return.

A sleep sack sleeping bag for the one who loves backyard glamping or an insulated bag for the beach with everything she will need to pack the best snacks are two prime examples. But that is not all.

Summertime is all about the kids. So, do not forget them when you get together with friends and family. Bring gifts of games that will enhance the day's events. For instance, a pool game when you are heading to a pool party or an outdoor game for a barbecue.

Speaking of barbecues, when your friends host you for some delicious grill grub, be sure to gift the grill master with some unique BBQ seasonings, spices, and sauces. Few things thrill the king of the grill more than new flavors to add to the food.

Gifts by Essentialgifting

Finally, for the host or hostess that has a social calendar with no empty space, a picnic basket could be that one thing that allows her to escape for a bit and practice some self-care. Filled with everything she could need to sneak away and lay on her back to look at the clouds – your gift will mean more than you probably imagined.

As we head into summer this year, embrace it for all it has to offer. Normalcy is starting to return, and we are going to make the most of it.

Get outside and soak up that Vitamin D from the sun.

Laugh. Go for a walk. Grill something delicious. Splash in the water.

But, whatever you do, do not forget to appreciate your host.



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