7 Gifts New Parents Will Actually Use

There are many items new parents need to purchase. Here’s our list of gifts new parents will use.
Blog: 7 Gifts New Parents Will Actually Use

Do you have friends or family members who are about to become (or already are) parents? If you want to make their life easier, look for gifts new parents will actually use. There are so many newborn accessories on the market that it’s not always easy to know which ones can be useful for parents. If in doubt, look at the following article. We made a list of 7 gifts you can buy for your parent-friends that will simplify their lives.

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Baby Carrier

If you’re out of ideas for gifts and want to help new parents, you can do that by giving them another set of hands. Regarding newborn accessories, baby carriers are the most popular items you can buy. Not only are they comfortable to wear for both parents and a baby, but they’re also helping parents have free hands. When handling everyday chores like dishes, laundry, or buying groceries, a baby carrier can help parents soothe the baby by keeping them close. Parents can use it from newborn until their child is three years old.

These carriers support the baby’s head and neck and allow comfortable sitting for long periods. Baby carriers' best features are light, versatile, and easy to adjust. You can choose their function – set them for front or back wearing. Also, you can adjust the straps as the baby grows, which makes them durable and a valuable accessory for new parents. If you’re looking for gifts new parents will use, consider buying them this item.

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A baby's book is always a good idea for a gift!

Baby wrap (alternative to carrier)

If you made up your mind and want to buy a baby carrier for your friend, make sure to ask them if they prefer baby wrap. This is an alternative to the carrier in terms of its use. However, baby wraps are made from durable, stretchable cloth that offers versatility. It’s typically used for newborn babies and infants, but it can be useful until it can support the baby’s weight. Some moms prefer the wrap since it is more comfortable to wear and allows more skin-to-skin connection between the parent and the baby.

Electric breast pump

If you are a parent with friends who will become one, you know this accessory’s importance. Nursing has become much easier for new moms in recent years. Instead of classic pumps and bottles, electric breast pumps took over the market. These are wireless and convenient, allowing new moms to pump almost hands-free.

Instead of spending time during this action, a new mom can insert this pump inside the bra, and the gadget will do most all the work. This is incredibly convenient for moms who raise a baby without spouses, so they need their hands free as often as possible. Also, working moms love this baby accessory as it is convenient and can be used anywhere and anytime. 

Parents’ journal or a baby book

This is one of those gifts new parents will use. Moreover, most parents don’t even remember that they’ll need a journal at all. You can find different varieties of this journal – it can be where parents can write their plans, dates, and memorable moments, or it can be a baby book. If you are close with your new-parent friends, remember their dynamic before buying them this gift.

Unlike a parent’s journal, a baby book is more of a diary with all the significant milestones of a newborn baby. This book will serve as a memory for both parents and a child for their lifetime.

A baby enjoying summer.

Ask the parents if they need certain baby accessories.

Interactive playmat (baby gym)

Every newborn baby likes to play with plush toys and look at different shapes and materials. If you’re looking for gifts new parents will use, consider buying an interactive playmat. It can be used from the baby's birth and serves as a little gym for their loved ones. This is an excellent gift if you don’t know the parents well. The design of this mat is perfect for babies’ cognitive development – it helps them explore their surroundings and stay active while parents have a few spare minutes for themselves.

Baby food maker

Even adults love having kitchen gadgets that save their time on food preparation. Every meal preparation can be challenging when a newborn is in the house. A baby food maker is one of those gifts that new parents will use. It can chop, blend and make purees perfect for a baby’s first meal. Some baby food makers have bottle warming, defrosting, and sterilizing functions.

Not sure about the gift? Help your friends move in with the baby.

If you have the option to help new parents, they would appreciate your time and effort. Instead of buying a gift, consider giving them a hand during the move. Depending on how close you are, you can offer to pay for a moving service or spend time with their baby while they’re packing. Professionals from Helix Move VA say that it’s always good to have assistance when moving with small kids.

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If you run out of ideas, a gift card can be the solution.

Consider an Amazon Prime gift card or membership.

Let’s face it – most of us run out of ideas for what to buy for a newborn baby and their parents. On any occasion, you can’t go wrong with a gift card! Some new parents have their registry for gifts on websites like Amazon. If they don’t, you can choose a gift card on Amazon Prime and let them buy items they know they’ll use.


New parents don't have it easy, whether they’re your family members or friends. There is always a way you can help them, whether it’s by buying them a gift or lending them a hand with the baby. If you are unsure which gifts new parents will use, consider asking them in person. With a newborn in their home, parents are usually not shy to tell you what they need.

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