How to Buy a Gift for a Person You Don't Know Well

Gift for a person you don’t know well.
Blog: How to Buy a Gift for a Person You Don't Know Well

While occasions like birthdays, celebrations, and holidays are fun and joyful, there is an element to them that can make them a little stressful as well. And that is choosing gifts. Many people dread choosing Christmas gifts for their family and friends because it can be hard to get them right. And you want t get something that will make your loved one happy. But what happens when you are not choosing a loved one but someone who is not that close? Buying a gift for someone you don't know well can be a nightmare. Where to start? How to pick something that will be not too little, not too much, but just enough? We decided to explore this topic briefly and share some tips and gift recommendations.

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What's the occasion?

The first question you should ask that will help you get a better idea of what the gift should be is „What is the occasion?“ This can help you narrow down your options. Are you meeting your possible future in-laws for the first time? Or you maybe got to be the secret Santa to a coworker who just started working with you, and you didn't have the time to get to know him that well? Answering this question can give you an idea of what to get them. For example, for your in-laws, you get something with a little more thought behind it that's also respectful. On the other hand, for your coworker who recently started working, you should get something a bit simpler.

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Ask for help if you know someone close to that person 

Ask for help if possible.

Being in a situation where you do not know much about the person you are giving a gift to is tricky; that's why you should try and get some help. You might not know that person well, but you maybe know a friend or someone close to them. If you do, you should reach out and ask for some guidance. Say you are in a tricky position and could use information about the person's interests, hobbies, etc. This can be a great starting point and very helpful. This won't always be possible because you might not know anyone close to that person.

Don’t get anything high-maintenance.

The last thing people want as a gift is something high maintenance. Your loved ones or someone you don’t know well also don’t want any extra obligations. People’s schedules are already stressful enough; they want something simple and practical. Also, avoid anything that delicate and hard to handle. This could create an issue if that person decides to put things in storage or move into a new home. According to experts at, delicate and valuable items must always be packed carefully with unique packing supplies so they don’t get damaged during transport. That’s another reason you should avoid things like this.

A few gift recommendations

Here is our list of a few simple recommendations for buying a gift for a person you don’t know well:

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A scented candle is a great gift for a person you don’t know well 

A candle is always a great gift idea.

After giving you some tips to help you buy a gift for someone you don’t know well, it’s time to provide some recommendations. We will start with a safe but effective choice—a lovely scented candle. A great thing about them is that they are simple and practical, and most people genuinely love them. Also, there are many options, depending on your budget. There are some expensive luxury ones and some cheaper ones. When buying a gift for someone you don’t know well, you should focus on ones in the mid-price range. And if you don’t want to risk it, you can get an allergen-free option if the person has allergies you don’t know about. There are beeswax candles; they are free of certain chemicals found in regular scented candles. Then there are also soy candles or candles with plant-based extracts.

An open cookbook on a stand

 A beginner’s cookbook is also a good and practical gift 

A cookbook is an excellent gift for someone you don’t know well.

Another good gift for a person you don’t know well is a cookbook. While it is not a guarantee that this person is passionate about cooking, a cookbook can still be a great gift. You can a beginner’s cookbook with some simple recipes, and if you are giving a gift during the holiday season, make it a Christmas-themed cookbook. Chances are, the person will appreciate it and maybe even get inspired to try some cooking. In any case, you can count on someone in that person’s family who loves to cook so that the gift won’t go to waste.

A bath and shower gift set

A bath and shower set is an excellent gift for both men and women. And there are so many great options. There are different options for men and women in various price ranges. You don’t have to go over the top since you don’t know the person well. A simple set with a few items such as body scrub, lotion, face mask, and soap.

In conclusion

Choosing a gift for someone you know a lot about is hard, but buying a gift for a person you don’t know well can seem impossible. But as you can see, it can be done successfully with a little effort. Try and get help from people who know that person if you can. Also, remember that nobody wants a high-maintenance gift and an extra obligation. The practicality of the gift is key. Always consider the occasion; that will help you understand what to get. And in case you can’t think of anything else, a cookbook, a scented candle, or a bath and shower are always good gift ideas.

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