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  • Essential Artisan Bath Collection
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Bathcare Essential Artisan Collection Gift Box

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Artisan Bath Salts Collection Gift Set for the perfect Spa Inspired At-Home self-care assortment.

7-piece Essential Bath Salt Collection Includes:

  • Curated Artisan Handmade Bath Products
  • Fine Grain Organic Bath Sea Soaks (Fragrance will vary), Volume-12 Fl oz. PVC Bottle; 6"x2"x2" Qty 2
  • Artisan Organic 3x3x1 Olive Oil/Shea Butter Bar Soap-Qty 2
  • Linen Scent Wax Melts for use with a Wax Warmer - Qty 1
  • Exfoliating Gloves
  • Tab Tuck Gift Box with Ribbon

Materials:  Salts/Soaks - Natural organic fine or coarse grain, dead sea soaks; Soaps: Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Water, Fragrance

Note:  Bath Salts/Soaks and Soaps fragrances packaged in gift box will vary depending on availability due to supply and demand (Summer Citrus, Lemon, Lavender Supreme, Coconut, Chamomile). Some bath salts/soaks may have a tint of color and some are fragranced white. 

The ultimate at home spa experience, enhance your well-being with the use of artisan handmade organic sea salts/soaks and soaps. 

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