Essentialgifting, based in High Point, NC home of the International Home Furnishings market, started years prior providing service as a personal shopper for gift-givers.  In 2018, Essentialgifting was launched focusing on personalized gifting.   Approached by clients with hectic and busy lifestyles having no time to shop, and those seeking to have a back-up solution for handling their important gift-giving task.   Inspired by global travels as a professional marketer, the experience of seeking inspiration and trends have transitioned into a lifestyle of sharing creative insights through the generosity of gift-giving. Sharing gift tips and ideas through Essentialgifting Giftspiration Gallery & Newsletter.

Passionate about helping customers to deliver an experience, celebration, or token of appreciation, in return; the recipient conveys emotional joy and sincere gratitude.

Donna Flack, Owner/Gift Stylist

Background/Career Experience:

Held product and customer marketing positions in the B2B Kitchen & Bath Trade segment.  In addition to early experience managing Trade Shows and Specialty Retail store management.



How does the gift box differ from the subscription box model?

The boxed gifts are unique and personalized per order, ensuring that the selection of essentials are personalized to reflect the gift-givers desire to be a part of the giving experience. The recipient is elated to receive their favorite products, color themes or a token of a special hobby or passion.

What type of items are enclosed in the box?

The box will include a mix of new curated and well-established brands of product from a variety of categories:  personal care and home decor brands, i.e bath, shower, spa related, beauty, grooming, wellness, stationery, candles and lifestyle.

Gift packaging options?

Standard grey or black corrugated tab tuck boxes or customized based on theme preference.

 A Creative Approach to Gift-Giving! 

No Holiday Needed.