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I am Donna and delighted that you took the time to browse Essentialgifting!  For a quick introduction, Essentialgifting is based in the Triad area of Greensboro/High Point North Carolina, home of the International Home Furnishings market and many prestigious universities.  Essentialgifting was originated from a personal shopping service for clients with hectic and busy lifestyles having little or no time to gift shop, also those seeking for an alternative solution for handling their important gift-giving task.  In 2018, Essentialgifting was officially launched as an online Gift Shop, focusing on creative gift solutions and delivering the ultimate gift experience.

About Essentialgifting

Inspired by global travels from a professional career in marketing with knowledge of seeking inspiration and trends has transpired into a lifestyle of sharing creative insights through the generosity of gift-giving.   Passionate about delivering gifting experiences, celebrations and tokens of appreciation on behalf of "you" the Essentialgifting customer.  In return, the recipient conveys emotional joy and sincere gratitude for a gift experience received. 


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Donna Flack

Owner/Gift Stylist

EMAIL:  support@essentialgifting.com


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