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Giftspiration November by Essentialgifting

 Greetings and Happy November!

The November newsletter features a topic very close to my heart, helping clients with gift planning while adhering to a budget to deliver an exceptional gift experience.  As gift-givers we tend to approach our gift purchases with our emotions; did we spend enough to ignite the joy that we so wish for when gifting our recipients.    With the assistance of guest writer Tegan, we have collaborated on a few key reminders to help you approach the holiday season and planning for the 2019 new year.

Happy Gifting!


Gift Planning Tips

Essentialgifting Gift PlannerGift-giving is a social art with a long tradition in existence of celebrating others. A gift item given to someone without an undertone of expecting anything back in return. The main goal of writing this article is to share how to approach gifting tasks but more importantly, explaining how to plan and budget for your next gift giving event.  Planning and budgeting for gift-giving go hand in hand with financial planning while delivering a joyful experience for that special person. A few quick and important tips have been identified as gift-giving guidelines:

“Pen Your List”

Giftspiration Newsletter Image November 2018Every successful gift buying and giving event (be it grandparents day, valentine’s day, Thanksgiving and so much more) starts with penning down all thoughts and ideas that come to mind. Make a list of the people you would love to buy a gift in a given year, including charitable gifts. Once the list is made, break recipients down into spending groups, your relatives, friends, work associates or gift exchange social events. Last but not least, use this time to create special and enjoyable moments for yourself!


How much do you want to spend?

At this point, hold off on assigning a certain amount to every individual you have on the list, instead, start with a total amount for all the purchases altogether. Let’s say your budget is limited to $200, in short, identify gifts by priority to guide ideas on types of gifts per recipient then divide and set the budget among recipients.  Don’t become frustrated or stressed if your budget seems impossible to meet your goal of gifting everyone on the list, there are great and well-received options on small or no budgets to deliver thoughtful and personable gifts that will be genuinely appreciated.

Track Your Spending

Now, you’ve created your budget, it's important to adhere to the established dollar amount to avoid long-term financial setbacks for overspending - sticking to it will prove to be successful when following the guidelines to track your gift giving events. 
 Essentialgifting Gift Budget Image

Setting Gift-Giving Budget Goals

Every gift-giver has strong intentions and desires to give the best gift;  to reduce the pressure that comes with gift-giving, seek creative ideas to personalize the gift to include practical things the recipient loves - don’t be afraid to use your craft skills for memorable “D.I.Y.” ideas.  There are always attractive sales, promotions and special deals that can help you reduce your spending, subscribe to various newsletters to receive discounts and first to know incentives.  

Essentialgifting has planned special discounts during every Friday throughout November to ease the burden of waiting for one particular sales day.

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Encouraged by Generosity - Gift it Forward:  November

Encouraged by Generosity - Essentialgifting

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