Gift Guide: Framed Memories & The Love of Colour

Gift Guide:  Framed Memories & The Love of Colour

Let Us Welcome 2022!

Equally on everyone’s mind is how to move forward, for most it is the security and comfort of your home, surrounding yourself with anything that allows you to latch on to current and past memories of family, friends, or captured moments and newfound passions. We have retired the phrase “returning to normal”, normal will differ for every person going forward.

For Essentialgifting, we are starting the New Year with sharing our love for color, as simple as that, my favorite – pairing teal, turquoise and the color of majestic oceans paired with my number one neutral black, grey, and white.

Our lifestyle product focus starting the New Year is all about soothing your soul.

Stay Warm and Cozy!

Donna, Essentialgifting

Coffee Gift Box, Essentialgifting


Then we slide into February to share our hearts.

Best Valentine's Day is for heart sharing, at Essentialgifting find the perfect miniature candy boxes to share with anyone you come in contact with during Valentines Day.  Featuring a variety of chocolates and fun candies to deliver unexpected surprises to co-workers, health care providers, teachers, care-givers, neighbors, customers, delivery drivers, friends, senior citizens and youth groups. 

Valentines Candy Box, Essentialgifting


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